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  • AquaT is a quaternary ammonium compound for use as a disinfectant, sanitizer, germicide and algaecide in Aquaculture.
  • AquaT is very effective in control and prevention of all bacterial and fungal diseases in Aquaculture.
  • AquaT is advocated for effective control of antenna rot, tail rot, gill rot, red gill, black spot, red discoloration and muscle necrosis in Prawn and Shrimp.
  • AquaT is advocated for prophylactic treatment of surface ulcers, wounds and lesions in fish culture.
  • AquaT helps in inducing moulting in shrimps and prawns.
  • AquaT suppress algae from over reproduction, and stabilize algae colour.
  • AquaT is biodegradable, hence it decomposes leaving behind no residues and causes no pollution problem.

Composition :
Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride: 80%  with suitable stabilizers and activators.

Usage Instructions :
Prawn/Shrimp/Fish Ponds:
500 ml to 1000 ml/acre/meter water depth

Application :

Dilute and mix required quantity of AquaT in water outside the pond and then spray uniformly throughout the pond. Apply AquaT in daytime and turn on all the paddle wheel aerators for uniform distribution.

Caution :

Avoid direct contact of concentrated solution with skin, eyes and clothing. Flush immediately with clean water if contacted.

Note :

AquaT may get solidified with change in seasonal and storage temperature. Solidification will not effect the efficacy of the product when diluted.