Gentle Bio-Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
 is a young and dynamic organization working in Aquaculture, Live Stock and Poultry sectors. The people behind the project have expertise of over two decades in manufacturing and marketing of Aquaculture and Animal Health Products.

The core philosophy driving Gentle is product excellence through value addition. Our incessant drive to achieve product improvement, consistency and performance is perceptible through the activities, both manufacturing and quality assurance.

At Gentle, we believe in strict adherence to "Current Good Manufacturing Practices" (CGMP) and in building values for customers by providing both products and services of international standards. Our products thus conform to global standards ensuring consistent availability of world class products.

 researches, develops, manufactures and markets a specialized product package for both Animal Health and Aquaculture; in particular Feed Supplements, Premixes, Biotechnology Formulations, Toxin binders, Drug Formulations and wide range of Biosecurity Formulations.

Gentle as a process for continuous development undertakes field trials of new and existing products to validate and support future development, which is increasingly, research driven.

We believe that our greatest assets are the gifts, talents and abilities of our employees. We foster a sense of community throughout our organization that respects a diversity of perspectives, opinions, talents and backgrounds.


  • To become a leading global animal healthcare organization driven by people, research and technology.


  • Excellence! Every Day in Every Way.

  • Gentle will strive for customer delight by continuous innovation and integrity of purpose in all our actions.

  • We shall work together as a team in an open and a learning environment.

  • Maximizing value for our stakeholders and customers.

Our Values

  • Quality will be our guiding principle in all aspects of our business.

  • We shall endeavour to achieve total customer satisfaction by exceeding customer’s expectations through superior products, service and innovations in the field of Aquaculture and Animal Health.

  • We are committed to continual improvement in all processes, systems and skills and maintain integrity of purpose.

  • We shall abide by statutory, legal, environmental and all applicable regulations while carrying out our activities.